The cost of wedding dress alteration varies case by case. Every gown is manufactured in their own unique construction methods. One can be easier and less time  consumption than another. Some of the fabrics are very delicate and intricate and required special care, skills and techniques to master the  final finishing touches for  elegant, comfy, perky, sexy and flattering results. For example, hem up starting at $200. 

Lace trimming extra

Appliqués extra

Lining extra

Chest starting at $150

Waist starting at $150

Hips starting at $200

Lining extra

Beads, sequins embellishment extra

Bustle up starting at $70

Neckline close gap starting at $200

Redesign a corset back starting at $350

Redesign off the shoulder starting at $200

Bring your own matching fabric or lace or appliqués. 

If your wedding gown does not zip up and no allowance to be adjusted or you are pregnant unplanned , we have solutions for you.  You got fitting problems, we got answers. Everything is possible. Stop shopping for another new wedding  gown until you consult our Multiple Award Winning Designer background : Dorie Kong with 3 decades experienced at your attention. 

Text 714-343-9844  @ 24/7 for a no obligation free consultation. By appointment only.