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a one-stop studio for all kinds of alterations

Are you searching for a professional bridal alterations specialist to properly fix and customize your gown or dress? Look no further! L’Mode Bridal has the skills and expertise required to find a solution for you, no matter how complicated the alterations might be.

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Unrivaled experience. True passion.

Wedding dress alterations couture is a visual art and science. Dorie Kong, the founder of L’Mode Bridal beautifully brings both together to perfect the alteration work on your wedding gown.

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It's All About You

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Dorie is a multi-award-winning fashion designer who has over 3 decades of experience designing and customizing dresses from scratch. She uses this experience to carry out the most complicated alterations.

Nowadays, she only focuses on the alteration of bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and formal dresses. She provides a wide range of services to help upgrade the elegance, comfiness, and flattery of dresses, including restyling, restructuring, sculpturing, refashioning. revamping, remodeling, etc.

No matter what your worry is, Dorie has the solution for you. She has former brides that have traveled from as far as San Francisco, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, San Diego, and even New York City. Her studio is located in Tustin, CA.

Awarded #1 Wedding alterations service in Orange County, CA by Wedding Wire for 3 consecutive years, A solid 4.8/5 star rating on the knot wedding network.


I searched high and low for my wedding dress. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. I knew that I did not want something “off the rack” and from your local chain store where all the dresses looked the same. I had a very particular look I was going after and a certain budget I needed to stay within. Not an easy task. After going all around town, spanning different county’s, I finally found Dorie Kong at L’Mode Bridal.

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