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We specialize in custom alterations of bridal/wedding gowns and dresses, including bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses. We also offer alterations for formal dresses like beauty pageant dresses, prom dresses, red carpet outfits, and party dresses. We provide a wide range of services to help upgrade the elegance, comfiness, and flattery of your dresses, from restyling, restructuring, sculpturing, refashioning. revamping, remodeling and so much more.

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Bridal Dress or Gown alterations

Dorie has been using her years of experience in bridal alteration to perfect the wedding dresses of thousands of brides from around the world. She knows that the wedding day is the most special day for every bride, that’s why she makes sure that each and every bride and her bridesmaids have a custom, unique look while perfecting the fit of their dresses and gowns.

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Formal dress alterations

Dorie and her team also do formal dress alterations for all kinds of occasions. This includes alteration of evening gowns, cocktail frocks, casual dresses, beauty pageant dresses, prom dresses, red carpet outfits, wedding guest dresses, and birthday dresses. If you have a dress hanging in your closet, that you’ve been wishing to wear, worry no more. Dorie has a solution for you.

Fully custom alterations

Ready to get a perfect style and fit?

We look forward to meeting and helping you look unforgettable at your event. To get in touch, please text or call Dorie at 714-343-9844 or send an email to DorieKong@gmail.com. You can also schedule your appointment by filling out our contact form.