L’Mode Bridal Alterations Specialist

Custom Bridal Alterations Specialist in Tustin

L’Mode Bridal Alterations Specialist, founded by Dorie Kong, solely specializes custom bridal gown alterations. Dorie Kong is a multi-award-winning fashion designer with over three decades of experience background, designing and customizing dresses from scratch. Nowadays, she only focuses on the alterations of Wedding Bridal Gowns. She provides a wide range of services: Reconstructing, Revamping, Remodeling, Refashioning, Rejuvenating, modernizing, sculpturing, upgrading, editing to elegant, perky, sexy, slenderizing, flattering results. help upgrade the elegance, comfiness, and flattery of dresses, including resizing, closing neckline gaps, add off-shoulder sleeves, sew-in bras, recreating corset back, designing bustle-ups, recreating sweetheart necklines, hem, waist, bus, and hips alterations. You can accommodate a no-obligation session to advise you on the adjustments your bridal gown might need. Any questions? Give us a call at (714) 343-9844 today!

Multiple Award Winning Fashion Designer background

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