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Our gown alterations in Orange County had won three Bridal Best Choice in 2009. 2010. 2011. Please contact us.

Bridal Dress Alterations in Orange County. No such thing as an imperfect body, only imperfect gowns. AT the end of the day, it's the gown that must fit your body, not the body fits the gown.L'Mode Bridal is expert in Bridal Dress Alterations in Orange County. Everyone comes in different shapes, sizes and height. Weight changes due to before and after menstruation, stress, weight program fails may affect the final fit before the wedding. Because wedding gowns are typically form-fitted. Therefore, working with professional wedding Dress alterations takes more than a seamstress to alter a wedding gown. Have higher respect to your dignity being a bride for not taking wedding gowns to dry cleaners for alterations. L'Mode Bridal is expert in custom made one of a kind wedding gown from scratch. Needless to say, they have what it takes to resize, readjust, restyle, remodify, reconstruct, remodel, upgrade the best of the best, to flatter your body type. A well custom fitted gown boosts up your self-confidence, lbs lighter, where to hide and where to emphasize to make you shine on the wear day. Call us immediately for a free consultation at 714 730-8919 or 714 746-1203 (Mike at 24/7 for appointment)

Accept bridal dress alterations that is not able to make it perfect by other alteration persons and we will gladly readjust for you. Accept last minute fixes. We enjoy wedding gown alterations because we love the challenge and love doing it. Bring it on. You got problems we got answers.

    Custom Fittings

  • Expert Wedding Gown Alterations in Orange County
  • Accept Gowns Purchased Elsewhere
  • Welcome The Most Complicated And No One Else Can Fix It
  • If Your Gown Does Not Fit You, Consult Us Before Searching For Another Gown
  • You Got Problem We Got Answers
  • Accept Rush Jobs
  • Resizing, Restyling, Remodeling, Revamping, Reconstructing
  • Creating Beautiful Bustle-ups
  • Guarantee looks pounds off and slimming results
  • Guarantee Flattering
  • Reasonable Price
  • The Most Rewarding Service
  • Bring shoes, bra and slips with you for consultation
  • Call 714 730-8919 (Ask Mike to schedule an appointment for a free consultation at 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week)

Our wedding gown designers, dress makers will assure you that the requirements for your gowns and dresses are altered in proportional to your stature. We are experts in Bridal Gown alterations in Orange County. We will make sure that every detail is acheived. Our service is known for the most pleasurable and reasonable price you can have for the attention you would ever get in wedding gown alterations in Orange County.

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